Try it on pancakes and waffles of course but also drizzle it on oatmeal or ice cream bread pudding or yogurt recipes that call for 1 1 4 to 1 1 2 cups of buttermilk when you have this much buttermilk you rsquo ve really got some great choices buttermilk chicken.

I prefer my buttermilk biscuits with jelly from my favorite deli wrapped in silk by a freak named shelly they may want a moment with the fainting couch before they get to prairie oysters though iron de havilland chicken and waffles are a thing anoria 2021 11 23 8 46 31 am raytracer for every popeyes they get.

If using milk rather than buttermilk to make the pancake batter add either a 1 4 teaspoon of cream of tarter or a 1 2 teaspoon of lemon juice to help the baking soda react buttermilk will neutralize the metallic taste of baking soda.

Which milk should you use for pumpkin pie ma ingalls rsquo recipe for making the pumpkin custard for the little house on the prairie cookbook pumpkin pie originally calls for rich milk but what exactly does that mean food historians theorize that rich milk was simply the milk and the cream that came directly from the cow that was then shook together to form what hellip.

Frogmore stew this picnic style medley of shrimp smoked kielbasa corn and spuds is a specialty of south carolina cuisine its commonly dubbed frogmore stew or beaufort stew in recognition of the two low country communities that lay claim to its origin.

Lebanese cuisine on the prairie predates oklahoma statehood nunu rsquo s mediterranean is a distillation of that heritage with a few new tricks the patio is an ideal spot for a tenderloin kebab and.