Buffalo chicken wing soup my husband and i love buffalo chicken wings so we created a soup with the same zippy flavor its very popular with guests start with a small amount of hot sauce then add more if needed to suit your familys tastes mdash pat farmer falconer new york.

The first step to making a buffalo wild wings copycat recipe was to investigate the ingredients the restaurant uses in the real deal dish luckily that was pretty easy for this recipe because the company sells their wing sauce on amazon and we were able to take a peek at the ingredients list on the label all we had to do was play around with the quantities until it tasted just right.

Buffalo chicken meatballs recipe this meatball recipe is a fusion of flavors that makes them perfection for most any occasion since ground chicken is as readily available as ground beef these days it opens a plethora of opportunities to use it in everyday meals and appetizers.

This recipe calls for large chicken wings if you cant find them and need to use small chicken wings reduce the initial baking time by about 15 minutes feel free to use this marinade on shrimp a chicken stir fry with veggies or even as a finishing glaze for shrimp.