The marinade of soy sauce sugar garlic thyme and ginger helps tenderize and flavor the beef it does double duty since its used to baste the beef in the last 30 minutes of cooking you can marinate the beef for as little as four hours or up to overnight but dont leave the roast beef in the marinade much longer than eight hours since it will eventually turn the texture hellip.

Kushiyaki is a japanese culinary term that refers to any food that is skewered and grilled in this recipe for beef kushiyaki flank steak is thinly sliced marinated in a mixture of sugar soy sauce sake ginger garlic and sesame seeds and then quickly grilled.

Sakura chinese and japanese restaurant located at richland wa we serve happy family sesame chicken mongolian beef sushi deluxe avocado roll dishes for dine in take out order online free delivery too we have party catering special menu.

It rsquo s only been a couple years since mori izakaya debuted in brookline village but the japanese pub has already expanded to malden where its booze friendly snacks particularly yakitori and kushiyaki skewers of grilled meats are making a splash there rsquo s plenty of sushi too try the chirashi for a good sampling.

For vegetarians there is agedashi tofu with mapo mushroom ragu tsuyu sauce and shiso and for meat lovers the wagyu beef kushiyaki with aka kosho lemon scallions and a5 fat tare is a decadent.

Midway beef dogs a taste of americana awaits at this new pop up from black sheep restaurants helmed by american born chef josh stumbaugh the short but sweet menu here is a nostalgic ode to his childhood in philadelphia where loaded chicago style beef dogs and ice cold soda reigned supreme available in limited quantities and for takeaway.